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Word Of Mouth Marketing with NANO Influencers.

Thanks to our large network, we do not only have access to numerous influencers worldwide, but we can also provide you with free NANO- Influencers and subjects who like to discover your new products, test them and share them with their friends and close network. 

The aim here is to reach your target audience via several smaller communities with fewer wasted resources.


Nano-Influencers have between 1 and 2,000 followers, so it requires several of them. They showcase a product in a much more credible and authentic way and can interact individually with their community and talk about the product. The classic Word-of-Mouth 2.0 therefore takes place at this level. Using our additional functions, such as the passers-by survey in cities or test videos and a meaningful market research questionnaire, you receive further valuable information.


Afterwards, you can use our TESTERWORLD recommendation seal free of charge and without restrictions in all your channels. 



Your product will be recommended via personal conversations in the private environment, which is still one of the strongest marketing effects


You spread your advertising message through our testers not only offline but also online via social posts of the selected Tester Community


If requested, reviews can be arranged on relevant e-commerce portals or on

your own online store


All generated and extensively prepared market research results can be used profitably

for different business fields (sales, marketing, product development)


You can reach very top target groups as well as a very broad audience with our Tester Community


Numerous photos and user-generated content can be used for your own marketing channels (Instagram, Facebook and Co.)


You can use our ChannelBuzz Testerworld seal, including all test results, in a targeted way at POS and online as well as for any other marketing activities