Reviews from influencers about us and our collaboration

"I am taken seriously as a tester and feel well taken care of, that is not always self-evident. The selection of products is colorful, everyone finds something that interests them. The process is easy, you get quick help with questions and they are careful to keep the opinions of the testers neutral and completely honest. Everything without deception and embellishment."

(Influencer: Manuela)

"I was allowed to participate in several product tests by ChannelBuzz, the processes are absolutely transparent, communication is open and honest and so far everything has worked flawlessly.

The ChannelBuzz team welcomed me well as a newcomer to product testing almost two years ago. So far, I have been allowed to test a variety of products.

Of course, these tests have been a lot of fun for the whole family. In case a product didn't live up to its promise, I was allowed to express this clearly.

This made me realize that ChannelBuzz is not just about positive reviews, but that honest test reports are in demand. I think that's very nice and that's why I like to apply again and again for new product tests."

(Influencer: Christina)

"I like working with ChannelBuzz because professionalism is appreciated here, there is mutual respect and little problems are solved with a lot of humor - that's the right mix." 

(Influencer: Sigrun)

"ChannelBuzz offers exciting campaigns and therewith also high-quality and interesting content for our readers. The all-round support from the ChannelBuzz team is great, especially when you have questions about an ongoing project. This makes working together fun. Keep it up! We're certainly looking forward to many more campaigns together!"

(Influencer: Danny)