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Influencer-Marketing Fullservice

We manage your influencer marketing campaign from the idea, campaign management to reporting.

Influencer- & Celebrities-Booking

Looking to book only specific influencers or celebrity? We have direct access and deliver them to you.

Influencer-Marketing Workshop

We advise your team, your employees on all topics related to influencer marketing.

Influencer-Marketing Software

You want to use our software, set up your campaign and interact directly with the influencers. (monthly / annual price)

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We help you access all influencer channels: from Instagram to TikTok and YouTube to blogs and all other social media platforms. Whether you prefer nano, micro, macro or even celebrities - we can choose them ALL for your campaign

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We are your experts in influencer marketing

With us, you access the entire influencer market. Be it small nano-channels or VIPs, celebrities and macro-channels with millions of reach. But we don't just have all available influencers in our portfolio for you, we also know which social media channel will deliver the best results to reach your goals. TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Blog, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook? With us, you can exploit the full potential and benefit from over 12 years of experience in planning and managing influencer marketing campaigns. We guarantee you the best media prices for the respective influencer channel. Why? Because we have been working intensively in this field since 2010. Irrespective of whether you are a start-up or a global corporation - we will help you professionally and in a target-oriented manner.

ChannelBuzz - We live Influencer Marketing and this in B2C as well as B2B.



Completed Projects

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Our process - how we work

Meeting & Topic Presentation

Influencer analysis & presentation

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Idea development & campaign planning

Influencer approval & cooperation agreements

Reporting & Analysis

What benefits do you enjoy with us?


Access to all influencers in all social media channels worldwide


Over 12 years of in-depth experience in influencer marketing campaign management


Additional access to all celebrities and VIPs


Intensive knowledge of marketers, networks and management


Guaranteed market-oriented pricing policy 


Trained staff who are true influencer experts


Access to the most important influencer analysis tools


Influencer individual bookings possible at any time


Planning and building your own influencer marketing software 


Idea development, event planning, workshops, influencer marketing in-house training, building your social media teams

Word Of Mouth Marketing with NANO-Influencers

We can conduct classic product tests in the respective target group, but also include pure online surveys or focus groups on specific topics, product development or campaign planning. Together with our community, we regularly conduct mood barometers and surveys on current topics and brands to find out exactly what moves consumers.

What can I expect as a customer?

Professional influencer marketing is not merely pure product placement, but rather relevant topics of interest to your target audience are spread by the respective influencer channels to their community. 


We offer you a deep and holistic integration of influencer marketing from the onset. We first learn about your topics, products and goals. Based on these, we develop a promising marketing strategy, start a professional influencer sourcing, introduce you to the suitable channels in detail and then manage your campaign safely and successfully until the final reporting.

You will not just get a handful of influencers from a network or software with us, but can count on the fact that we use the entire spectrum of influencer marketing worldwide and available social media channels thanks to our more than 12 years of experience, thus exploiting the full potential for your success. 


Because every topic and product is unique, we always tailor our process to the defined goal and/or your desired KPIs. Regardless of whether it's scouting nano-influencers in Munich, for example, or planning and executing a large-scale branding campaign across Europe or even worldwide. 


Since 2010, we are able to make your goals our mission, because "We live Influencer Marketing".